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SGT Atwell, Nathan

This is SPC Leonard, how are
you?  Remember meeting me in
Ft. Meade in the summer of 98
when you gave me your phone
no. in Ft. Hood, Texas?  I
tried calling you a couple
months ago but they said that
you had gotten out of the Army
exactly one month earlier, and
when I mailed you a letter
there hoping that it would get
forwarded to your new location
it came back to me saying
unknown.  Hope you get this
and give me a call or e-mail

Contact SPC Leonard, Mark at: leonhard@patriot.net

12305 Rambling Lane
Bowie, Maryland 20715-3211
Patricia Ann Talkington/Albert

Hello Patty:
It sure would be nice to hear
from you.  It's been a very
long time. I know this is a
shot in the dark but it would
be worth it to hear from you.
    Love You: Gregory

Contact Gregory W. Albert at: albertnt@flash.net

Annette Avery

Dear Annette:
It's been so long since we've
seen or spoke to each other!
please contact me soon!
my email adress is!!!!!!!

Contact EARL B EVANS at: ebe3@cornell.edu

Patti Auten (nee Moore)

went to high school with you,
Vista HS, Vista CA, graduated
1975. Went to Palomar JC where
you met your husband, Mark, he
joined the Coast Guard, and last
I heard from you, you were
stationed at Kodiak, AK.
What are you doing these days?
Contact me if you get this!

Contact Sue Neal (nee McPherson) at: travelqueen_1@hotmail.com

PO Box 793
Falling Waters WV 25419

I'd love to meet your kids
and see how you're doing

Contact Vicky Stevens at: vicks@compuserve.com

Julie Ivonne Ascencio

I'm looking for julie we were
best friends for almost ten years we 
met at Ratners Pharmacy in the Bronx 
N.Y we worked there together I moved 
to Pennsylvania and so did she we 
split up again in 1992 when she moved 
back to New York. I was told she 
moved to Puerto Rico with her parents 
in the town of Cabo Rojo but not sure 
if that"s the correct town. I know 
her family are mormans. I know she 
has most of her family in New York. 
Julie If you find my message please 
e-mail me. or if any of her family 
is reading this PLEASE PLEASE inform 
her that i am looking for her . 

Contact Liz Leonardo Maiden Name( Nazario) at: latinlady@gateway.net

Charles Anzel

Im looking for Charles
who rode with me and Raphael
Lugo in the Bronx on bike to 
Orchard Beach. The last known 
address was on Elder Ave in the 
Bronx off of Weschester Ave.
 We went to PS 123 James M
Kirean High School in the Bronx.
I have been looking for you guys
for the longest time, please


Joyce Alvey (maiden name)

Joyce attended Queen Anne High
School in Seattle in 1957/58.
We lost touch a couple of
years after high school.  I
received one letter but my ex-
husband through the envelope
away before I could write back.
Please contact my e-mail

Contact Joanne Hunter at: grannijo@yahoo.com

Ann Rigby Avery

Knew you in Phila. 
I'm now in Arizona.

Contact Earnest Lynn Wright at: EarnestW@AOL.COM

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