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Donald L. Long

Looking for D.L. -- 
I haven't seen you since 
Abiline, Texas. We were in 
Taiwan together. How's Nancy 
and the kids. I imagine their 
married by now. Is your sister 
still in New Jersey? Jim

Contact James G. Ashe at: jash2@tminet.com

401 Oakwood Court
Tehachapi, CA 93561
Paul John Lenardson

Born May 14, 1945, Lowell, MA
Lawrence Academy;Boston College 
Peace Corps;Ghana;1960s Last Known 
Address: Berkeley Springs, WV
Wife:Linda Family anxious to contact;
88 year old Father is ill.
Please call sister Ethel at
(703)516-9688 or (202)208-0450
leave message at either number
or EMail emorgan@erols.com
or call Ruth (843)651-9457 or
Jean (508)746-5545.
This is urgent.

Contact Ethel L. Morgan at: emorgan@erols.com

1401 No. Taft Street #607
Arlington, VA 22201
Daria Lavoie

I need to see you, I 
will explain when I find you 
Love Billy Boy

Contact Bill Walter at: T1cell@aol.com

Paul Liddy

Were are you? We were stationed
together in Germany and Hunter

Contact Terry Tinagero at: Kartnut@neteze.com

Gaylene Landers

We were friends at Rialto Jr.
High, 8th grade.  Your dad
worked at a market.  My dad
worked for Granny Goose. We
lost touch when I moved away
to Riverside.  Where have you
been all these years?

Contact Linda Hewitt at: pezz@neworld.net

Ronnie Lidgerwood

Was last living in Sheperton
Australia. Member of Hells
Angels in Shepperton branch.
Brother of Bill, Sharron, Evon
and Shane. His niece Simone
wants to meet him, because she
loves bikes. Simone is a daughter 
of Bill and she wants him not to
hold what happened to Bill against her.
And she's a really cool chick.

Contact Simone Lidgerwood at:

4 Currawa Drive 
Boronia Australia 3155
Ricky Lozano

We lived in Baldwin Park.  
I used to walk you home from 
school when you were in 2nd grade.
Your birthday is in July and
you are about 29 now.

Contact Tamis Baron at: tamis@netdreams.com

Zane Derek Lamm

Zane..... If by some miracle,
I do find you and you do read 
this; I really wish that we 
could go back to 8th grade. It
sounds silly, even crazy but I
have always kept a place for 
you in my heart and knew I 
that I needed to find you 
again.  We'll see and so will

Contact Angela N. Smith at: ogieman@webbernet.net

Angela N. Smith
42761 Riggs Rd
Belleville, Mi
Graeme Law

wife Deb.,2 sons, Matthew and
Cory, lived in Louisanna in the early 80's.

Contact Danny/ghost White at: daune8461@aol.com

199b casa dell rd.,gaston,sc 29053
Frank Long

I am looking for 
the Frank Long that was
involved in a singing group 
in the early to mid 80's 
called God's Creation Company 
in Federal Way WA. You also 
went to pre-med in San 
Francisco and medical school 
in New Orleans, followed by 
time spent in Costa Rica 
with your former college
roommate Randall. Hope you see
this and contact me.

Contact Susan (Childs) Gormley at: gormley@wizards.com

Jung Hee Lee or Sophia Lee

I am in search of
Ms. Jung Hee Lee,
aka Sophia Lee. Also David 
Chanwoo Lee. If you know 
of there whereabouts, 
please E-mail me. They 
are in the San Francisco, 
Oakland and Alameda ,CA area.

Contact Joseph Lee at: Time2Hunt@aol.com

Karen Levitt

If you attended YMCA 
camp in Huntington NY, attended 
USDAN, and played the violin, 
please contact me...I lost 
your name & number in a move 
25yrs ago! and have been 
haunted ever since!

Contact Laurie at: llucey@erols.com


I looking for a female 
friend. Her first name is Leslie. 
She is a nurse and lives in 
Hattiesbury, MS.

Contact Scott Barker at: sbarker@ipalco.com

Peter LaGrave

Peter I havent heard 
from you since you left sales 
at CBC and moved somewhere to 
Florida We are long over due 
for a beer Call me. Brian

Contact Brian Lee at: brian@customlearning.com

201,1505 17th ave sw 
Calgary Alberta 403 245 2428
Carlene Lindsey

Remember Des Moines.  Sandy,
Rachel and me.  I was in your
wedding when you married Chuck.
I am still single, but have a
23 year old son, Scott.  I 
hope to hear from you and upda
te me on your life since Des
Moines.  Bye, Janice

Contact Janice A. Sportsman at: ftmadiso@interl.net

Melanie Lange

Grade school first girlfriend.
Reminiscing about her and the time we 
spent together.  She wrote me a letter 
couple of years ago, never heard back.

Contact Ryan Stonecipher at: r_stonecipher@geocities.com

Ann Seymore Long

Ann Seymore Long (or Laughn)
was my best friend when I was
a child living in Pulaski, VA
in the 1930's. My family moved
all over the USA during that
period, and we lost touch.I've
thought about her many times
over the years and would love
to hear from her or any news 
of her. I'm sure such a 
beautiful and talented child
must have grown up to become
well respected and well known
in that area. Can anyone help?

Contact Patricia Stowe Porter at: ppjp@ezonline

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