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Tony Page

Mr Ms page this is Park
I havent heard from you, I
miss you guys very much please
contact me at 870\553\2450.
GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
your friend Kyung Mi

Contact Kyung mi babb at: Babb@eritter.net

p.o.box 401 green forest,AR 72638
MGySgt Nick Pecuonis

Nick Pecuonis retired from the
U.S.Marines around the first
part of '90. Married to a
Japanese, I believe he moved
to Okayama Prefecture, Japan
His interest is photography as
mine is too. He was my Squadron
NCOIC at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.
My address:
Leo Palace #203
151 Okita-cho,Nakamura-ku
Nagoya,Japan 453-0825

Contact Rob Petty at: robpetty@mediawave.or.jp

Karen Potter

Hey, I was trying to get in 
touch with old Heritage friends 
and I noticed that your name came 
up on a registry. Hope you remember 
me--I moved to Md during our 
freshman yr. We have friends 
like Christy Keller and Lee Dillon.

Contact Jennifer Smith at: hasjts@comet.net

1118C John ST
Charlottesville, VA  22903
Bill Petrie

Want to tell Bill how his 
advice has made life great.
Bill was a metal shop teacher
at Eagle Rock High School in 
1969 in Eagle Rock, Calif. 
Bill convinced the school 
awards committee to grant the 
metal shop award to me even 
though I wasn't enrolled in 
metals class at the time.
That act was a turning point 
for me. Anyone with info on 
Bill  PLEASE let me know, or 
tell Bill to contact me. I 
would love to hear from him.

Contact Larry Poirier Jr at: peartree@pacbell.net

Demetrius Miguel Pearson

Anyone knowing the whereabouts
of a Demetrius Pearson
DOB: 05/07/73 please contact 
me at 937-628-6244 (pager#), 
after tone, enter your phone #
including area code, and press 
pound when complete. 
This individual is an old 
friend, I miss him terribly
and I would like to get in 
touch with him to find out 
how he is doing. Thank You
for your cooperation. 
Shannon Toliver 

Contact Shannon Toliver at: only1pt@aol.com

308 Crossgate Ct.
Springfield, Ohio 45505
Dave Pohlman

He was stationed in 
Indpls in 1968-1969.  He had a 
girlfriend named Jan who had a 
daughter named "Nellie".  We also 
hung around with a Rob & Bonnie Young.
Rob, Rog & Dave were stationed in 
Indps at this time.

Contact roger lusk jr at: redmugs@worldnet.att.net

670 case ave
st. paul, mn 55106
Joyce Carol Wade/Pritchard

Joyce and I went to school
together. Her Mother's name is
Ruby and her brother's name is
Dale. She married William
Pritchard and last I knew they
had a little girl named Paula
Kay I believe. We lived in
Des Moines, Iowa. Went to
Washington Irving Junior High
and North High School together
I would like to find her.
Thank You,

Contact Diana L. Wardwell/Pfrommer at: dpfrommer@yahoo.com

Fredrick Perry

Served in the Army in 
South America, Paramaribo, Dutch
Guyana in 1943. Was from Ohio,
possibly Cincinatti. Was a
courrier. Approx. Age 78.
Would like to get reaquainted.

Contact Glenn Kaye at: G-K-KAYE@PACBELL.NET

Sharon Pope (Crawford)

We were best friends,
starting in high school.
Your birthday is July 25.
One of your daughters is
named Laura.  Last time I
heard from you, you were in
Cleveland, Tenn. I would
love to hear from you.
Please email me.

Contact Banjo (Lorena) Moore at: bmoore@aol.com

Roland Pinedo

I made friends with Roland
Pinedo, who is from Caracas,
Venezuela, when we were both
studying at Ohio University,
Athens, some 22 years ago. I
haven't heard from him since
the day, the late Anibal(Andy),
Mateo and I bade him goodbye
at the bus station, in Athens,
in the late summer of 1974. If
you happened to read this
message, please contact me,
I'd love to hear from you.

Contact Maria Samad at: marismd@rockmail.com

Paula Pemberton

Made contact with Bassett. 
Thought you may be at the reunion.

Contact Joe Henson at: henson@alphainfo.com

PO Bbox 281
Temecula, CA 92593-0281
Jackie Petr

We met and dated in High 
school, then she went off to college, 
and I followed her.  When I got there, 
she was gone, and I was upset enough 
that when she came back, I stupidly 
rejected her.  But I'd like to find 
her and find out what has happened to her.

Contact Keith Weston at: nathanbrazil@hotmail.com

8214 E Princeton Meadows Blvd
Apt 1514
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Donald E. Pyles

please call me, 
it is very important

Contact lynda at: julieriggs@centuryinter.net

Sherry Pearson

I'm not sure if you spelled your
name the same as I do but you
were married to Bill Pearson and
lived in Basalt, Colorado in
1966-1968. Then Sherry moved to
Salida, Colorado and I lost her
from there. They did have one
son named Steven (I think).
Would love to find her!

Contact Sherry Humble at: tech-recruiter@worldnet.att.net

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