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Donna Stewart

I met Donna in London about
1970/71. She was from Rotorua,
New Zealand.   My surname then was
"Mathias." We both worked
on a temporary basis for the
govt. in London. I came to
America in 1973 and we lost
contact.  I'd love to hear
from her.

Contact Linda Mathias Medwid at: ancients@capital.net

Christopher Spahr

Chris, are you out there? 
We dated when I was young, and I 
would give anything to talk to 
you again.  I have never forgotten 
you, and the talks we had. Hope 
that you are well and happy. 
Chris is over 6' tall with blue 
eyes and blonde hair. Last I 
heard he had a brother that 
lived in Greenbelt, MD.  I think 
that his name was Mike. Does 
anyone out there know him??  
Tell him Belva still thinks of him!!

Contact Belva Liming at: RsPetals@aol.com

Stacy Sandvik

We went to OSU together 
and lived in Finley Hall on the 
3rd floor. This was in 1989-90.  
I heard you transfered to 
Chicago and I wanted to stay in 
touch but it didn't happen.  
I'd like to hear from you again.

Contact Alex McIntosh at: Alex@KleinInc.com

2224 N. Willamett Blvd.
Portland, OR  97217
Randy Silverman

Randy is from Rock, MI 
and went to school at Northern 
Michigan University. He wanted 
to work for Marvel Comics.He 
liked Judas Priest's music.
We met at a frat party in Jan.  
of '83. Randy moved from Michigan 
to New Hampshire.  His nickname
back then was "Rock"; his full
name is Randall Morris Silverman
His birthday is in September.
For a brief time, he was my
soulmate and I miss his sense
of humor....

Contact Tanja (Hamilton) Duffey at: Duffey_T@Palmer.edu

George Stoeffel (I think)

We knew each other at the 
YMCA in Chicago in 1949-50.  
I have often wondered what became 
of you. Could you satisfy my
curiosity?   Remember, I'm the 
farm girl from Minnesota.

Contact Ardelle Hunt at: ardelleh@hotmail.com

Johnny Schuyler

Last heard of in 
Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.
Would love to make contact, 
just to hear how you are doing.

Contact Joyce Mac-Kay (Went) at: Joyce.Mac-Kay@WTO.org

Rosemary Stewart

she lived on Sea St.
had brothers James & Edward
and a sister Kathy Ann
My sister Jean would like to 
say Hi to her again.

Contact JoAnne at: Jferraguto@aol.com

Shaun M. Sheahan

Last known address is Bisbee,
AZ.  Need to contact regarding
daughter.  Very urgent!  May
be in Anchorage, AK. Contact me ASAP
with ANY information.

Contact Gina Jackson at: Actionjackson@webtv.net

David Savage

Hey, Sequoyah alumni!  Some
of your buds have been looking
all over for you.  Wassup?  
Where you be?  You must be
running some major corporation
or discovering a cure for some
rare disease... South Pasadena
misses you.  Remember singing
to the Moody Blues in Linda's
classroom?  What a bunch of
uptight, conservative a**holes
they were back then.  Hope you
are out there.  See ya.

Contact Keith Malinsky at: kfm2000@netcom.com

Lance Smiley

We lived together in Ukiah, CA and
worked at Domino's Pizza. You 
moved to Oklahoma.

Contact Tamis Baron at: tamis@netdreams.com

Patty Stowe

During the 1930's and 40's my
family moved all over the East
Coast and I left many good
friends behind. I changed
schools nearly 30 times and
would like to hear from old
friends I met along the way in
My maiden name was Patty Stowe
and I lived in Endicott, NY;
NYCity; Providence, RI; Dunn
NC; Logan, WV; Newnan,GA;
Concord,NC; Grafton,WV and
many other towns. Please write
if you remember me. 

Contact Patricia Stowe Porter at: ppjp@ezonline.com

Robert Wayne Spears

Looking for robert wayne
spears.old childhood friend
from irving, tx. would like to
make contact. rws may be living 
in houston, tx or close by. 
please contact: rapblu@aol.com


Warren Craig Scott

He goes by the name 
of Craig...met him in Oceanside
Camp Pendleton, CA. in 1975. We 
were lovers on and off for 2 years.  
Want to see how he is. His birthday 
is in January and he was born in 
1956 or 1957 and he lived in
Jamaica Queens, New York before 
joining the Marines.

Contact Delaina Smith at: DELAINASM@aol.com

James Gordon Scott

Jim Scott was my best friend
in high school. We attended
Wentzville High School,
Wentzville MO and graduated
in '85. I believe he resides in the
St. Louis,MO area.
Plz fwd my address to him:
Leo Palace#203,151 Okita-cho

Contact Rob Petty at: robpetty@mediawave.or.jp

Catherine (Cecilia or Cecelia) Smith

I am the child of an adoptee.
my mother is terminally ill and
is facing death with the knowledge
that she my never know her birth 
mother. Catherine Smith gave birth
to my mom on 11/08/1938- in
St. Louis, Mo. On the day of her birth
my mom was taken to "Our Lady's Home
for Infants" in Louisville, Ky. 
The adoption papers were signed in Ky.
Anyone who might be able to 
help me I would DEARLY appreciate it.

Contact Kat at: fdobbs@network-one.com

Jennifer Schaeffer

Jennifer and I studied at Ohio
University inAthens, from 1973-
1975. I was told that Jennifer
from, Wisconscin, was working with
UNESCO by friend who met her in
Ethiopia a few years ago. She is
now back in USA.If you happen to
read this message,Jennifer, do
write to me. I'd love to hear
from you.

Contact Maria Samad at: marismd@rockmail.com

Sheila Shidler

Last known to be in 
Ft. Worth,TX. Previously, 
Sheila Geer. Has one daughter 
with husband Shidler. Stationed 
with husband Geer in Camp Pendleton, 
CA in early to mid seventies.
Babysat for Deanna and Dana
Tesreau.  Best friend was 
Brenda Tesreau. 

Contact Brenda K. Hurley at: bkhurley@bellsouth.net

3312 Wellington Ridge Loop
Cary, NC 27511
Jeffrey Edward Stone

He lived in California, graduated 
from Carpinteria High School in 1969.
Married a Ms. Gina Record in 1971, 
divorced three years later. His Dad 
is John Stone and his Mom is Eleanor. 
They divorced and she remarried Robert 
Bitterman. I am seeking any information 
on he or his family.

Contact Jason Husk at: husk@icu2.net




Eric and Angela Schubert

Eric and Angela Schubert 
were friends of ours at Shady 
Grove Church. I was the maid 
of honor at their wedding and 
my husband was the best man. 
When we knew them they lived in 
Arlington,Tx. Last time we saw 
them she had just found out they 
were expecting their first child. 
Eric was a former Navy man. She 
was studying lanuages at the local 
community college. Her father lived 
at Traders Village in Grand Prairie,
Tx.They were married in 1996 at 
Shady Grove Church in Grand Prairie, 
Tx. Angela had a mother living in 
Massachusetts. They may be living 
in the cape area of that same state. 
We would really like to find them and 
reunite even over the net or phone.

Contact terry and Debbie S at: Deb88Keys@rocketmail.com

daniel springer

Contact wiliam at: wrjii@juno

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