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Lucille (lucy)Ole

I am not sure of spelling 
of last name. Lucy and I met in 
Houston Tx in early 1963. We both 
lived at the YWCA,roomed together 
and became friends. Later shared 
an apt in Houston. After few 
months we both moved back to our 
homes and lost touch. Lucy was 
from a smaller town close to
Houston, not sure which one 
and I came from Angleton, Tx.  
Any one knowing the whereabout 
of this person, please have her 
write. I would love to make
contact with her.

Contact carolyn adams louton at: carolynbob@webtv.net

(Natural Mother)

I was born 2/16/69 in Cook 
County Hospital to an unwed 
mother. I was adopted through 
Lutheran Family Services by 
Rev. Jerald and Marilyn Erdman 
who lived in Harvey, IL at the 
time.  If any one can help me 
find my natural mother, 
thanks! I would greatly 
appreciate any and all help.

Contact Todd Erdman at: wakbored@hotmail.com

Elwood Olsen

Sioux City Ty -- are you there?

Contact Leonard Leslie at: lrleslie@bigfoot.com

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