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Lyssa Balentine

Lyssa Balentine graduated from
Neosho, Miss. High School in 1959.  
Prior to that, she lived and went to 
school in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She 
was the girlfriend of my friend, Jim 
Hall. I have, after 40 years, 
reunited with my old friend and want 
to know whatever became of Lyssa, 
a very unique person who touched 
many of us with her free-spirited 

Contact shocky(bill) hungate at: william.hungate@capbluecross.com

686 Sand Spur Dr
Etters, Pa. 17319
Jerry Blaine

Last saw you Labor Day week-
end of 1969 in Manasquan, NJ.
Returned to PA, made some bad
decisions- always wondered 
where and how you are. Please 
contact me- hope life has 
been kind to you.  Vicki

Contact Vicki Bollinger Sauers at: vsauers@nuvisiontech.com

Gina "Slider" Brandt

Gina, if you are still 
out there, please contact me 
at the address listed. I need 
to talk to you. We were lovers 
once, please lets be friends
again. I am a lost soul, who 
needs to find his wingman.
Love Ice

Contact William J. "Iceman" Tallman at: WTALL32@aol.com

P.O. Box 17168
Fountain Hills, AZ  85269
Robin Brown

  She left after our second year 
of high school and moved to Texas. 
I have pictures of her back in 
grade school and photos from our 
year book. This would have been 
in 1983-4. We attended Franlin 
Community High School in Indiana.
Robin's birthday is October 20th 
1968 or 69. 

Contact Michael Caplinger at: shineynight@webtv.net

Roland (Rowland) Becker

Roland, You were a sailor
from Pennslyvania. WE hung 
out at the pike in Long Beach.
We did movies, walks on beach
and you helped my dad build
rabbit hutches.  

Contact Ann Milges at: none

3455 Santa Rosa Ave #78
Santa Rosa, CA. 95407
Diane (Bubbles) Bridges

Dear ex-IOSer would 
love to get in touch with 
you - where are you now?  
still married to James Campbell?

Contact Joyce Mac-Kay (Went) at: Joyce.Mac-Kay@WTO.org

Geniva Brurr/Brown

  Haven't seen you since I 
left korea. if you read this please 
e-mail me asap. 

Contact mike matthews at: grey@brigadoon.com

Casiy Bergum

hay casiy i'm looking for you

Contact Erik Ochsner at: Erik.ochsner@juno.com

Marie E. Brann

My mother is looking 
for you. Her maiden name is 
Marion G. DeVine. She would 
love to have contact with you 
again, and possibly chat about 
old times and catch up on 
each other.

Contact Angela M. Foster at: alumni@thomas.edu

P.O. Box 2551
Waterville, Maine 04903
Charles A. Barrett III

Dear Butchie,
Remember the good times we
all (you, me, my mother, your
mother Mitzi) had in Miami
Beach in 1954-55 before I had
to go back to NY and you to
If you, or anyone who knows
you, sees this, please get in

Contact Marianne at: marandy@shani.net

Tracy Becket

Exchange student who 
went with me to Ukiah High 
School, Ukiah California. 
You really liked my Leather 

Contact Jason Clubb at: shogun@sonic.net

Sam Bodini

Person I am seeking 
is Sam Bodini. At least I 
think this how you spell it.  
If you worked at Bethlehem Steel 
in October 1955 and knew Clarice 
Melendy, please contact me. Or if 
you know of anyone that worked 
at Bethlehem Steel in 1955, 
in Long Beach. I am looking 
for my real father. 

Contact Pamela Black at: ForU1Lord@aol.com

Peggy (Mary Margaret) Buatti

We attended W. tresper Clarke High 
School in Westbury NY between 1964 & 1967. 
My family moved to Florida after the 1967 
term (junior year).

Contact gemma coronato-hall at: coronatogem@yahoo.com

David John Blackburn

I'm looking for David 
John Blackburn, formerly of 
Ottowa and Calgary, Canada 
who is formerly of Ottowa 
and Calgary, Canada.  I haven't
heard from you since l980 and
I miss my dearest friend every
day.  David, please contact me
or anyone else who may know
where he is. Alvin and I need 
to get in touch with you. We 
love you, David, no matter 
what has been going on.

Contact Rita Pyy Brakel at: ritabrakel@hotmail.com

l46 Lake Village Road, 
Winnipeg, Man, 
Canada R3T 4M8
Collette R. Bernard

Stationed with the Marines
at El Toro 1955-56. Last
known address Oceanside,
Calif. 1960. Older brother Ed
"Boots" Bernard and younger
sister Charlene "Chadowins"
Father Ed, mother Bell.

Contact Gary Corbett at: garcorb@prodigy.net

126 Stanford Ave.
Elyria, Oh. 44035
Jamie Burks

We were friends for a 
long time in Berlin... where 
did you go?
Alternate e-mail address


Contact Barbara David at: BaDavi@DataQuick.com

Duncan Blake

We were friends for a 
long time in Berlin... 
where did you go?

Alternate e-mail address

Contact Barbara David at: BaDavi@DataQuick.com

Lona Bennion

I lost my fellow Colorado
Springs red-head when she
moved to CA to live with
her mother again. Lona is a 
very strong and intellegent
woman with higher education in 
math. I would like to find her 
because I miss her and I, too, 
have moved to CA. (I also owe
her money!) If you know 
this person, please let her
know I have been searching!

Contact Corrie Richardson at: silly@aol.com


childhood friend,lived 
in va.beach from time of 
birth-1989, moved somewhere in 
tampa area of florida. david 
if you see this message. send 
me an e mail, or call if you 
still have the #. i would 
love to hear from you 

Contact ANDY M HERRING at: Andy@coastal.com

Lynn Burriss

I served in the US 
Navy with Lynn Burriss.I know 
my spelling of her last name 
is wrong. I hope to be 
contacted by her. Please E-Mail 
me if possible.We served on the 
USS LY Spear I was in the Supply 
Dept/ With you. both of us 
were "SH's"

Contact Laura Bejerano (Schwalbe) at: MBejeran@home.com

Thomas Barnes

We were friends in Berlin... 
where did you go?

Alternate e-mail address

Contact Barbara David at: BaDavi@DataQuick.com

Judy Simmons Black

Judy We were in 7th Med Bat. 
together.  We roomed with 
Straw.  Do you remeber me?
I've been looking for you.

Contact Audra Moriarty Hyek at: audra.hyek@snet.net

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