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Scotty King...

Last know residence 
Mount Pleasent. MI was in 
National GUARD Grayling MI 
Met through John Davis.
Approx.age 57. would be 
English Desent. Been 
searching for you please
contact me. Bonnie Nowlen.

Contact Bonnie VanBuskirk at: hare@glccomputers.com

1007 Sunrise Dr lake 13
farwell   MI 48622
Kelly Koenig

Looking for a friend I have
lost touch with..."little
bit"...you still around?

Contact david j oleson at: doleson309@aol.com

Kelli K Kiper

You would remember me most as
"Debro Man!" The last place
I saw you was in Frankfurt,
Germany.  We were also in Ft.
Bliss Texas Together. I would
Love to here from you!!!

Contact Debra Marie Thompson Wagner at: Debra9798@AOL.COM

salim khan

london 1976 architecture 
student, iranian.

Contact maria omaira gomez echeverri at: nviajes@supernet.com.co

po box 6379
Wilfried Koerner

Last seen in Darmstadt, 
Germany - 1968. Moved to the
United States shortly after
that, maybe Pittsburgh area.
Where are you?

Contact Li at: stermata@cnetco.com

Robert Koumparos

Last known address in 
London.Last seen at Richard 
Dunns Wedding in 1994ish

Contact Donna Leaman at: djl@easynet.co.uk

Stratos Kourvasilis

Stratos, where are you? 
Please let me know you are
alright. I haven't heard from
you since Christmas 1994.
Anyone who knows of Stratos 
from Thessaloniki and can give 
me any information please reply.

Contact Sue McDonald at: suemcd@mars.nettrek.net.au

Sherry Keller (Wild)

Hey Sherry!  
Remember "MICK"!!
We met in summer school in 
1965. You married a cute 
sailor and moved to Hawaii, 
had a son named Christopher.
Sherry went to Rancho High and
I went to Bolsa Grande. Hey! 
you were "cool".  Where r u?

Contact Linda Hewitt at: Pezz@neworld.net


birth, came to the US in 1973 and 
after her second marriage failed 
was relocating from North Bend, 
WA to Ohio and possibly remarried 
there. Previous married surnames
were  Helen BRADLEY then Helen
MOORE, she also liked to be called 
DONNA. I lost contact with her in
'78 when she left for OH because 
I also left WA and lived in AK for 
several years. If anyone knows of her
whereabouts please let her know her 
friend IRENE is looking for her, to 
renew a friendship I still hold dear
and catch up on the missing years.
She can either e-mail me or find 
me listed in the Tacoma WA phone 
book still using the married name 
I had when she last saw me.
Helen would be in her early 50's 

Contact Irene at: kiwirene@webtv.net

Jackie or Jacky KEMP

I am Eduardo.I met 
Jackie by 1980.She must be 
in her thirties.I would like to
know about her.I met her
in  Wimborne Dorset by 1980.
My phone number:
5119   651963
5112   411483

Contact EDUARDO ZANATTI at: rapiaduanas@bellnet.com.pe

Flora Khasani

london 1976 enghish student,
iranian.She goes to switzeland on 
1978.We were living together in a 
hotel in London near a Nothing Hill Gate

Contact maria omaira gomez echeverri at: nviajes@supernet.com.co

po box 6379
Lori King

Lori King
A old Army roomate whom I have not 
seen in many years. Last address was 
Sierra Vista, Az. She was good friends 
with Alexis Colon and God mother to my 
son Nathaniel. Please E mail me Lori.   Kandy

Contact Kandy (Linda) Colon at: bahammas@alltel.net

Rhonda Keith

Looking for Rhonda Keith was
married to Gary Keith, lived in Empire,
Colorado in the late 1968-1970.
Dark hair and used to write,
at that time was contacting
publishing companies. She had
3 children.

Contact Sherry Humble at: tech-recruiter@worldnet.att.net

Joseph H King

How have you been?

Contact Wanda Eskew at: ww007@poseidon.net

Michael (Mike) Kagan

I am searching for a former
Hebrew School principal who
worked in South Bend, IN
in the 70's.  He was from
New York state, attended 
Yeshiva University for awhile.

Contact Carol Brumer at: sholomg@mcs.net

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