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1965 lived by Hermen Ridder 
H.S. 1972 had a pet shop and a health
food store on 183rd street in the 
Bronx. 1976 lived at Bronx River 
Parkway in the Bronx. In 1977 
worked at a Hospital in the Bronx.  
1979 moved to California. Has a 
little girl who lives in Florida 
with mother. Would like to contact 
Phil to let him know how much his 
friendship always meant to me.  
Especially, the question he asked 
me under the train station by
Jessup Avenue in the Bronx.  I am 
sorry I said No.  Anyway, lets be
friends again.  Please contact me.   
Would also like Carmen Camerons
address, Papo's and Francis if you 
have it.

Contact Judy at: porfirio@mpinet.net

Julia Ortiz
637 Vicksburg Street
Deltona, Fla. 32725
Donna Dove

Donna Dove,
You were like a sister to me
from grade school on up. I want
and need to find you again.
Last I heard was you got married
and were living back in Hawaii.
That was 20 some odd years ago.
Please e-mail me if you, or any
one that knows you now can tell
me anything. Much love
Winona (nonie)

Contact Winona Connors (Spitzer) at: albaby@inreach.com

Carrie Dannelly

Hey I would like to talk 
to you again... Contact me.

Contact JAY at: AZONIC8558@citynet.net

Nick Dedomenico

    We met at the Garth Brooks
concert in Central Park on 
8/7/97.  We had a good time
after, and I'd like to talk
to you again.  Please write 
back if you get this message.
I'd love to see you again!!!

Contact Kristen Gaughan at: kgaughan@ycp.edu

Marinette Diza (nee ridgeway)

Lost contact with penpal Mari
Diza. would like to find her
to correspond and catch up.
married a jeremy B ridgeway in
hawaii on 23 sept 95. d.o.b
31.8.67 . went to Maryland uni
approx late 80s.

Please contact Michelle (frog)

Contact Michelle deighton (frog) at: deighton@fan.net.au

P.O. Box 7563
Bundall Queensland, 
Australia 9726

The Davies lived in 
Greentree, PA, as suburb of 
Pittsburgh, in the late '50's 
early '60's. There are 3 kids, 
Jim, Bill & Melinda . I believe,
Bob, the husband was an engineer 
as when they left Pittsburgh 
they went to the Middle East on 
a project Bob was working on.   
Jim attended the U of Indiana 
majoring in music, the French 
Horn the instrument of choice.
Melinda was employed by an 
insurance company in Iowa some 
where in time. Also, Peg was 
very active in the Episcopal 
Church.  Hopefully, there may be
a grand child in cyber space that 
will pick up on this search, if 
not one of the family. 



I am looking for someone 
named Doug who I met in 1990 in 
New York City (east village).  
He graduated from SUNY-New Paltz 
(or SUNY-Binghampton) in 
Communications) around 1990. I 
lost contact with him (I lost his 
tel.#) in 1990 only a few weeks 
after we became friends. He lives 
in New York City. My name is Mona, 
I am a registered nurse living in
Miami, and I would appreciate any 
help finding him.  Thank you.

Contact Mona at: Dagandlu@aol.com

Sharon Drishler

Lived in Stanton, Calif until
1992ish. Moved to Corona, Ca.
until 1995 or 96, then moved to
Las Vegas, Nv. where she got 
married in June 1996.p

Contact Andy Pahl at: zekerex@mn.frontiercomm.net

Andy Pahl 
PO BOX 296
Akasha Dryden

I'd love to meet your kids
and see how you're doing

Contact Vicky Stevens at: vicks@compuserve.com

Kim Dettman

We were friends in 
Berlin... where did you go?

Alternate e-mail address

Contact Barbara David at: BaDavi@DataQuick.com

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