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Mary Ann (Heim) Fields

Went to school at Spencer High
School, Spencer,West Virgina.
1957-1958. Her mothers name was 
Sally, She had a son (Michael 
Scott) who died 3-6-62 at the
age of 1 month. She once had a 
friend named Darrell Myers. Please
contact me.

Contact Margie J (Jenkins) Duzan at: shep@aug.com

PO Box 4275
St. Augustine, Fl. 32085
Barry Fulk

This is Greg S., your old
childhood pal from Skokie,
Illinois. I've been trying to
find you on the Net, but 
I can not. I thought for sure
that you'd be here
somewhere. Hope to hear
from you!

Contact Greg Singer at: gregs@bitstream.net

Alex Flores/Enamorado

Desperatly seeking Alex.
Write me ASAP need to know if
you are o.k.!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Leslie Finley- Mabis at: etherlyl@mwr.kic.or.jp

psc 558 box 3034
fpo ap 96375-3034
Pam Fleagle

We attended Fresno State 
College in early '70's. You 
were in Nursing; I was in
criminology and went to law

Contact Chuck Harris at: harrpurv@bewellnet.com

Judy or Judi Filip

Not sure if the last name is
spelled correctly. Judy/Judi was
married to Dick/Richard Filip
(could be Fillip) and lived
at Basalt, Colorado in about
1966-1968. She had two 
daughters, one named Dana.
She was a Pastor's daughter!
Where are you Judy?

Contact Sherry Humble at: tech-recruiter@worldnet.att.net

Jeanette Flannery (Pies)

Jeanette, I have trying to locate
your for probabley well over 10
years, but to no avail. Please
if you are reading this or anyone
knows her whereabout, she has
a daughter who is my godchild
that I last saw when she was 5
and you have to be 19 at least now.  
I really miss both of you especially 
not really getting to know you Sara.  
I love you Jeanette and Sara.

Contact Maxine Harshbarger at: mharsh@nde4.nde.state.ne.us

Tammi Fuller and Shannon Fuller

 I am looking for 
my daughter (Shannon)and 
her mother,(Tammi Fuller) 
the last known address was 
308 meadowveiw ct, Lindenwald 
NJ. You can fax me at 
(503) 973-5864. Miss you both. 
Terry Moses

Contact Terrance Moses at: tmoses@postalzone.com

Gerrard Fredette

I'm looking for Gerrard Norman
Fredette living in Roseville
Ca. I need for him to contact
me to sign off rights to our
daughter so that she can be
adopted by my husband who has
been her father since she was
three.  As I have never asked
you for anything, I still want
nothing.  Please respond as
soon as possible we plan to go
to Paris next year and we
can't until this is complete.

Contact Geneva at: mar1sa@pacbell.net

(Natural Mother)

I was born 2/16/69 in Cook 
County Hospital to an unwed 
mother. I was adopted through 
Lutheran Family Services by 
Rev. Jerald and Marilyn Erdman 
who lived in Harvey, IL at the 
time.  If any one can help me 
find my natural mother, 
thanks! I would greatly 
appreciate any and all help.

Contact Todd Erdman at: wakbored@hotmail.com

Yoli Flesher

I can't find you or 
your brothers.  Ive made some
major live changes
and want to talk to you (living
in Vegas).

Contact Morgan Rey Benson at: Bensonlv@aol.com

Debbie Flynn

Debbie, you were my mom's best
friend in high school.  Her 
name was Kathleen Haskins, now
it's Kathleen Zanon. You
even stood up in her wedding!
Well, I think she would really
like to see you or talk to 
you.  Please e-mail me.

Contact Melissa Zanon at: zanonm88@uwosh.edu

Elmer Farley

looking for Elmer from Chandler.

Contact Leonard Leslie at: lrleslie@bigfoot.com

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